The Collavino Group continues to provide our client’s with a variety of construction services: General Contracting, Construction Management, Design/Build as well as other creative approaches. Each service offering has it’s respective ‘pros’ and ‘cons’; and, no one construction approach is ideal. The key question to ask is – “what is best for the client and meets their project objectives?”

General Contracting – Stipulated Sum or ‘Lump Sum’ Tender Construction Services

The stipulated sum tender approach is the most common form of procurement. The process is linear, i.e. the Owner first retains the Design Team and develops a detailed design. The pitfall in this process is that the Owner does not get the value of a Contractor’s input – who can provide suggestions to enhance constructability, improve upon the schedule, and, provide savings alternatives. This process is not structured to permit a collaborative approach – encouraging the involvement of the contractor in the design and other related ‘pre-construction’ activities. However, the client has a firm price commitment for the project based on the original design.