The Collavino Group continues to provide our client’s with a variety of construction services: General Contracting, Construction Management, Design/Build as well as other creative approaches. Each service offering has it’s respective ‘pros’ and ‘cons’; and, no one construction approach is ideal. The key question to ask is – “what is best for the client and meets their project objectives?”

Construction Management Services

In this approach the Owner is in charge and wants a ‘collaborative design and construction approach’ from the very outset. The Owner selects and contracts with each member of his team – architect/engineer, designers, special consultants and construction manager. The Owner’s goal is to take advantage of all the knowledge and experience each team member possesses – ‘draw on their talent’. This approach permits the development of sequential design and tender packages that allow the construction phase to begin much earlier; obtain firm prices for specific scopes of work; and, allows the design team more time to work on intricate detailed design issues collaboratively that add more value to the project.


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