Collavino Construction Company is a general contracting organization with the added dimension of having significant expertise in heavy civil and large cast-in-place concrete projects that we can self-perform – providing added value to our clients and partners. Most recently, Collavino Construction Company is proud to be the prime subcontractor for the new Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center site - ‘Ground Zero’) in New York City - a 105 floor cast-in-place concrete superstructure project.

Collavino Construction Company has pioneered various construction techniques:

  • building infrastructure works in the permafrost of the North Pole;
  • constructed a world renowned segmental concrete freestanding bridge with a main span of 790 ft;
  • constructed the fastest design-build Jeep Assembly Plant ever in Cairo, Egypt;
  • developed, trained and lead a local labour force to build a $70 million water system in Cameroon, Africa;
  • faced the challenges of 9 meter ocean tides to build the powerhouse of the first tidal power plant in North America in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Collavino Construction Company’s project experience, and successful relationships with some of the largest construction companies worldwide, is a testament to our capability and commitment to our clients, as well as partners.